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REWU 2015 May 11 - July 31, 2015

Summer 2015 Program Announcement

Applications Deadline has been extended to March 9th, 2015. However we would strongly urge you to submit them by March 6th.

WISE Brochure

Online Application Form for Summer 2015 Program  (Preferred Method of Application)

(See our online application FAQ; For any technical difficulty with Online Application, please contact:

Application Form for Summer 2015 Program (PDF)

Recommendation Form for Summer 2015 Program

REWU 2014 Participants


Biology (Benoit)
Biology (Buffam)
Biology (Buschbeck)
Biology (Grogan)
Biology (Gross)
Biology (Hamilton)
Biology & Mathematics (Pelikan,Rogstad)
Chemical Engineering (Park)
Chemistry (Dima)
Chemistry (Gudmundsdottir)
Chemistry (Limbach)
Chemistry (Mack)
Communication Sciences (Washington)
Computer Science (Niu)
Computer Science (Wilsey)
Electrical & Biomedical Engineering (Esfandiari)
Environmental Engineering (Balachandran)
Environmental Engineering & Biological Science (Clarson, Barth)
Geology (Owen, Hammer)
Mathematics (Vaughan)
Mathematics (Poplicher)
Mathematics (Lim)
Mathematics (Ding)
Mechanical Engineering (Dong)
Mechanical Engineering (Kim, Lee)
Mechanical Engineering (Lee)
Mechanical Engineering (Sundaram)
Nursing (Martsolf)
Nursing (Pritchard)
Orthopaedics (Bylski-Austrow)
Pediatrics (Gross)
Pediatrics (Thornton)
PlasticSurgery (Jones)
Physics (Bolech)
Physics (Sitko)
Physics (Smith, Jackson)
Physics (Sokoloff)
Science & Health (Larrabee)
Science Health (Amaral)

Note - "Some projects are multi-disciplinary; a project in one area may be of interest to students from another major. Be sure to look at the projects in related areas to widen your choices."

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