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REWU 2018 Dates: May 07, 2018 - July 27, 2018

The WISE deadline is March 8, 2018, for completing the WISE applications in their entirety.

Thank you very much.

Heather Norton & Yana Zavros

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REWU 2017 Participants

2017 Participants


The following table contains links to the Individual Projects Information:

Analyzing Data from CERN's LHCb ExperimentAnthropogenic influence on land snail species composition in woodlands from SE OhioApplications of Machine Learning in High Energy Physics
Bio-inspired, light-activated metal complexesCharacterization of protein-protein interactions leading to mechanical changes upon the start of cellular divisionCombinatorial treatment to overcome drug resistance in BRAF mutant melanoma
Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave BackgroundCRISPR-Cas9 based strategies to selectively alter PRPS isoform expressionDefenses Against, And Biological Effects Of Xenosterols On The Mammalian Body
Evolution of viviparity in cockroach systemsExamining passenger mutation vulnerability in MelanomaIdentifying and Implementing an Automated System to Detect Plagiarism in Computer Programming Classes
Improving Energy Performance in Historic BuildingsInfluence of cell culture methods on gene expression in human skin cellsInvestigating correlative association between microbiome, infections and cancer
Investigating interaction of skin proteins with surfactant mixturesInvestigating mechanism of action of Antiperspirants/DeodrantsInvestigation of physical and thermodynamic properties of surfactant hydration to better understand the molecular origin of skin aggressiveness
Iontophoresis Treatment in Oral CareJumping CrystalsMathematical modeling and simulations in biology
Mechanistic Understanding of Skin Biomarker and Impact of Air Pollution using Innovative Human Skin Explant ModelMetabolic changes after chronic traumatic brain injuryMetal 3D Printing from a Room-Temperature Liquid
Methane emissions from natural gas operations in the Wayne National ForestMining Spatio-Temporal Data with Applications in Health and Earth SciencesNanocarriers for Chemotherapy
Networked Requirements TraceabilityNeuroimmune systems in the neurobiology of affective disordersNeuroinflammatory and Behavioral Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury
Provisioning Quality of Experience for Video CommunicationsRegression TreesRole of myeloid Kruppel-like Factor 2 in skeletal muscle regeneration
Targeting Human Breast Cancer Metastasis by RNA NanotechnologyTechnology-Based Health Intervention for At-Risk Teens in SheltersThe genetic and morphological basis for cave animal diversity
The TASK III Project: Caregiver Self-Management Needs Through Skill-BuildingTopical Delivery of an Anti-aging Cosmetic AgentWearable human body-heat energy harvesting devices
Women Moving Women

Note - "Some projects are multi-disciplinary; a project in one area may be of interest to students from another major. Be sure to look at the projects in related areas to widen your choices."

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